Duromine vs Belviq

Duromine and Belviq are medications that are used to reduce excessive body weight and cure obesity. These weight loss pills are meant for patients, who were diagnosed obesity and who found other anti-obesity treatment methods ineffective.

Duromine and Belviq weight loss pills can be used as a part of weight loss plan. If people refuse from diet and physical activity while using Duromine or Belviq, these medications will be less effective or not effective at all.

Usually, Duromine and Belviq are prescribed to overweight patients with BMI higher than 30. If overweight is accompanied by abnormal amount of fat in the blood, type 2 diabetes or hypertension, these weight loss pills can be also prescribed. Duromine and Belviq should not be administered to patients whose BMI is under 27.

Advantages and disadvantages of Duromine and Belviq

The main advantage of Duromine and Belviq is that a patient does not have such a strong feeling of hunger as he has had before using these weight loss pills. These drugs allow using any low calorie diets and thus they reduce weight significantly.

Duromine and Belviq are potent medications, which you can buy at retail pharmacies only if you have a prescription. These weight loss pills stimulate certain parts of the brain that are responsible for satiety and that can control the activity of the whole body. Therefore, only certain categories of patients can take Duromine or Belviq.

Duromine weight loss pills disadvantages

Duromine belongs to the group of anorexigenic drugs, so it can increase the blood pressure and affect the heart work. It is one of the common lacks of Duromine. When people use Duromine weight loss pills, some cardiovascular lesions may occur.

The most common cardiovascular side effects of Duromine are: chest pain, irregular heart beat and high blood pressure. In rare cases, Duromine can cause cerebrovascular accident and irreversible necrosis of the heart muscle.

Duromine weight loss pills are only designated for a short-term use. You must not use Duromine for more than 12 weeks. During this period, you can lose a large amount of the body weight, but you can hardly get rid of obesity within 12 weeks.

Belviq weight loss pills disadvantages

Belviq is an advanced anorexigenic drug, which contains active substance Lorcaserin. Belviq weight loss pills were approved by the FDA not so long ago – in 2012. Before these pills entered the market, Belviq had passed some successful clinical studies. However, there is no data indicating any long-term side effects, caused by Belviq.

Just as Duromine, Belviq affects the serotonin level in the brain. When using Belviq, a dangerous pathology known as serotonin syndrome may arise. Besides that, an overdose on these weight loss pills can cause thought disorder, hallucinations and euphoria.

It is possible that Duromine or Belviq weight loss pills can harm the fetus or baby. Therefore, Duromine and Belviq are contraindicated to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.