Duromine safety

Pharmacology in the obesity treatment has developed greatly over the past 50 years in the world. Large number of drugs has not only enlarged the possibilities of the obesity treatment, but also increased the risk of serious consequences for patients.

Duromine (Phentermine) safety has been proven in clinical trials, therefore this drug is recommended for weight loss and obesity treatment. As any other drug, Duromine should not cause adverse reactions in the majority of obese patients.

It is believed that about 3% of people suffer from side effects, when using medications. Elderly people and children are more likely to suffer from drug complications. Therefore, these categories of patients should take weight loss pills Duromine with caution (Duromine should not be taken up to 12 years).

Approximately 30% of all drug complications occur due to improper use of weight loss drugs. These complications can be avoided by rational use of drugs for obesity treatment.

Avoidable side effects are often associated with errors, made by treating physicians. Medical error can lead not only to a senseless money loss, but to severe side effects, as well. Medical errors are most commonly associated with the choice of drug for the obesity treatment and its dosage.

A significant number of preventable side effects result from violations of recommendations and instructions for Duromine use. As medical practice shows, careless attitude in obesity treatment can cause severe complications.

Most often side effects, emerging due to patient’s fault, are linked to:

  • Changing Duromine dosages.
  • Duromine misuse.
  • Drug interactions.

Patients, who changed Duromine dosage on their own (15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg) risk of getting into hospital. It is clear that obese people want to get rid of obesity, but it has been proved that changing recommended Duromine dosages may adversely affect patient’s health.

It should be remembered that Duromine 40 mg is the maximum daily dosage. The patient should not take more than 40 mg, if he forgot to take these weight loss pills the day before. It is proved that using more than Duromine 40 mg does not lead to a significant decrease in appetite, but it can cause overdose and hospitalization.

Patients, taking Duromine weight loss pills, are not recommended not only to increase dosage on their own, but to reduce the dosage, as well. It is unlikely to cause side effects; however, it has a negative impact on the rate of weight loss.