Duromine international supplier

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies of weight loss drugs have no marketing departments. Therefore, they conclude an agreement to sell their products with other companies. For example:

• The manufacturer of Belviq diet pills is Arena Pharmaceuticals, but their supplier at the U.S. market is Eisai company.

• The manufacturer of Ionamin diet pills is Packpharm Ltd., but their supplier at the UK market is Typharm company.

Canadian pharmaceutical company – Valeant is the supplier of RX and OTC drugs in dozens of world countries. In 2011, Valeant acquired one of the largest Australian pharmaceutical companies - iNova, and thereby reinforced its presence at the pharmaceutical markets of Australia, Asia and South Africa.

After the signing the merger agreement with iNova company, Valeant has become the only right holder of Duromine brand. Starting from 2011, revenues from Duromine sales are an integral part of Valeant company's income. However, iNova remains the exclusive distributor of Duromine at the international pharmaceutical market.

• iNova Pharmaceuticals has a license to sell Duromine in South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and some other countries.

It should be noted that the supplier of Duromine pills at the EU market (including the UK) was 3M Pharmaceuticals company (the part of 3M Company). In 2006, it was announced that all assets of the pharmaceutical business of 3M Company in South Africa, Australia and other Asia-Pacific countries were sold to iNova.

Duromine sale in Europe was stopped before 3M Pharmaceuticals has become the part of iNova. Herewith, iNova did make new attempts to get a license to sell Duromine in EU.

Today, iNova offers the potential buyers a competitive price of Duromine drug; therefore, its sales continue to grow steadily. The only thing that limits the purchase of Duromine pills is a need to undergo a medical examination before their use.

Duromine pills may cause severe adverse reactions. Therefore, only those patients can get a prescription for Duromine pills for whom the benefits of their use exceed the potential risks.