How to take Duromine correctly

Duromine prescribing information recommends taking one Duromine diet capsule during breakfast. Capsules Duromine contain Phentermine, as an ion-exchange resin complex. Due to the fact that ion exchange complex helps modifying Phentermine (active substance) release, the drug’s therapeutic effect is prolonged.

After an oral intake of Duromine capsules, Phentermine absorption rate from the ion exchange complex is slower, than that from the hydrochloride salt (for example, Adipex capsules). Thus, Phentermine peak concentration in blood plasma comes later.

Clinical studies have shown that 62% to 84.8% of constant Phentermine is present in urine excretion within 72 hours after the intake of capsules Duromine. Phentermine half-life is 25 hours after oral intake of Duromine capsules.

Consequently, Duromine therapeutic effect starts weakening in 25 hours after taking the capsule. So, due to the ion exchange complex, it is enough to take weight loss capsules Duromine only once a day. It is advised to take Duromine capsules in the morning during breakfast, or in the first half of the day.

Taking Duromine in the afternoon can cause sleeplessness. Nevertheless, there is a case, where capsules Duromine can be taken in the afternoon. For example, if a person works at night, he can take weight loss pills Duromine 8-10 hours before the alleged sleep.

One of the important elements in Duromine pharmacotherapy is correct administration of capsules Duromine. Non-compliance with the administration rules of weight loss drug can reduce Duromine efficacy. If a person decides to take capsules Duromine after meals or on an empty stomach, regardless of prescribing information, this will change:

  • rate of Phentermine passage through the digestive tract
  • rate of Phentermine absorption into blood plasma
  • onset of Phentermine peak concentration in blood plasma
  • Phentermine half-life time

Even consumed food can change pharmacokinetic properties of Phentermine (Duromine). It is important that patient keeps to a low-fat diet, while taking capsules Duromine. High calorie foods will not only change pharmacokinetic properties of Duromine, but will not lead to weight loss.

Balanced diet, combined with Duromine, not only helps burning more fat, but also normalizes gastrointestinal tract. For a proper weight loss with Duromine, experts recommend to set the day regimen and eat on time. When you go through Duromine anti-obesity therapy, it is important not to skip breakfast.

Organism slows down all chemical reactions during sleep. Eating in the morning helps speeding up metabolism. To maintain your metabolism at a high level, you need to eat every 2-3 hours. That's why it is recommended to eat often and in small portions, while you are taking Duromine.

It should be noted, that weight loss capsules Duromine must not be taken with each meal. Duromine capsules are taken only once a day, preferably in the morning, during breakfast. Exceeding the recommended dosage may enhance Duromine side effects, or cause overdosage.

Duromine importance in pharmacotherapy is that, person, using capsules Duromine, not only limits his food intake, but also forms nutritional habits. After you cancel Duromine weight loss capsules, proper nutrition and active lifestyle will help you maintain body weight at the reached level and reduce body's ability to accumulate fat.