Duromine and Duromine generic drugs

Medical treatment of obesity in the combination with lifestyle change is the most effective weight loss method and reduction in the risk of dangerous complications (such as, cardiovascular diseases). Choice of weight loss pills is not simple task and some factors should be taken into account – health state, drug effectiveness, price and duration of the treatment.

One of the best weight loss pills is Duromine. Pharmaceutical properties of the drug is well studied and confirmed by numerous clinical trials. Questions arise in those people who want to use Duromine generic drugs and to reduce the cost of treating excess weight or obesity.

What is the difference between generic and branded drug?

A large number of people with obesity or other diseases wonders what generic drugs are and how they differ from the original drug. People also wonder why generic drugs are cheaper than original ones, although contain the same amount of active substance.

Duromine and Duromine generic drugs are analogs in characteristics, such as dosage, safety, efficiency and quality. Mode of administration and duration of treatment are also the same. Significant differences can be in shape, color, package and price of the medication.

Creation of any medications, including weight loss drugs requires not only a lot of time but also a large number of financial investments. It is necessary to develop a new formula and conduct large-scale studies involving thousands of people. Therefore, new medications can effectively treat the disease, but they are expensive.

Who is the manufacturer of Duromine?

The owner of Duromine trademark is the largest company iNova Pharmaceuticals. The company sells a wide range of non-prescription and prescription drugs in Australia, South Africa, Asia-Pacific and other international markets.

iNova with its partners has exclusive rights to distribute Phentermine-containing drugs in some regions of the world. The absence of presence of a small number of competitors does not protect the consumers’ interests and it can be assumed that the manufacturers take advantage of this.

What is the price of Duromine generic drugs?

Physicians can prescribe Duromine diet pills and not to pay attention to relatively high price of the drug. If a person wants to reduce the treatment cost, it is necessary to learn about the possibility to buy and use cheaper Duromine generic drugs.

In some countries of the world, the price of generic drugs 80% less than that of branded drugs. It is explained by the fact that the manufacturers of generic drugs do not bear the additional costs related to the development and marketing promotion of products.

The cheapest Duromine generic drugs are manufactured in India and supplied worldwide. It is associated with the fact that there are many competing companies in the pharmaceutical sector of India and more than 4 million people work there. Duromine generic drugs manufactured in Western countries are sold for approximately the same price.

Where can I buy Duromine generic drugs?

You can buy Duromine generic drugs at usual pharmacies, but not in every country. For example, in the USA, the market of Phentermine-containing drugs is more competitive than in Australia. The U.S. FDA approved Phentermine generic drugs of more than 10 pharmaceutical companies.

It is quite possible that Duromine generic drugs are not available at retail pharmacies of your city. In this case, you can make use of online pharmacies and buy Duromine generic drugs for home delivery. If you have never bought medications for obesity treatment online and you have questions, a pharmacist of online pharmacy will answer them.

More and more people prefer to buy generic drugs. Duromine generic drugs can reduce the costs of obesity treatment by several times. Given that Duromine generic drugs are effective and safe, their use is a good alternative to the use of original drug.