Duromine drug

iNova Pharmaceuticals is a well-known company all over the pharmaceutical markets of Australia, New Zealand, USA and other countries.

This pharmaceutical company specializes in the development and production of drugs, used to solve dermatological problems and in treatment of allergic reactions in children and adults.

Among medications produced by iNova Pharmaceuticals there is one that belongs to amphetamine group of drugs. Duromine is intended for the treatment of obesity at any stage.

The advantage of Duromine drug is its prolonged effect. In other words, the active ingredient that is found inside the Duromine capsule is released gradually within 14 hours, thereby suppressing a patient’s hunger and the increased appetite for a long time.

The active substance of Duromine drug is called Phentermine. This substance provides a strong and a prolonged anorexigenic effect.

Because Duromine is the central nervous system stimulant, this medicine is prescribed to adult people and teenagers over 16 years old to be used under the skilled doctor’s supervision only.

In special cases, when obesity threatens human life, this drug can be prescribed to elderly people as well.

Duromine anorexigenic drug can cause some side effects apart from the blunting of appetite. The most common side effects are:

  • dryness in mouth
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • increased blood pressure
  • gastrointestinal tract disorders

For overwhelming majority of people, these side effects do not cause too much discomfort, since they disappear after a while. When noticing side effects, a patient can visit the doctor, who most likely will recommend to continue Duromine usage.

However, the use of Duromine during pregnancy and breastfeeding of infants is strictly contraindicated. Some experts believe that there is high probability that Phentermine can transfer into the fetus's body.

We must not ignore the fact that Duromine is a psychostimulant and can cause a negative impact on the development of fetus or a newborn. Thus, Duromine may provoke such serious disorders as:

  • defects of heart and lungs
  • necrotizing enterocolitis
  • hypothyroidism

Therefore, the main argument for rejecting of this anorexigenic drug during pregnancy is the health and life of the future baby.