Duromine – approved anti-obesity drug

The well-known Food and Drugs Administration approves medications according to their efficiency, minimum side effects and good tolerance in various patients.

Duromine is the FDA approved drug, developed for weight loss. This drug became extremely popular worldwide due to its stable weight loss effect and mild side effects. People have used Duromine anti-obesity pills for many years now. The main effect of Duromine is appetite suppression, helping people to consume smaller amounts of food, comparing to those they used to. The calories are reduced so the body needs to burn fat tissue to get energy.

The best way of using Duromine diet pills is to start with a minimal dosage, which is 15mg. One 15mg pill is taken early in the morning before or after breakfast. The appetite suppressant effect lasts all day long. The doctor may increase Duromine 15mg dose up to 30mg in case weight loss was less than 5-10% of the initial weight within a month of using the drug. Total time of use of Duromine weight loss pills is 3 months. It does not matter what results you have achieved, you should have a break after twelve weeks of anti-obesity therapy by means of Duromine pills. You may initiate the second treatment course three months after the last Duromine dose.

Doctors prescribe Duromine slimming pills for a short anti-obesity therapy, paired with a diet (low calorie) and daily physical exercises. In order to lose as much body weight as patient wants, he should change his lifestyle and quit some bad eating habits. It is recommended to stick to a new low-calorie lifestyle not only during the Duromine therapy, but also for life. This way, a patient can be certain he will never gain excess weight anymore.

According to clinical trials, a regular physical activity, hypocaloric diet and Duromine pills provide an amazing weight loss, at least 10% loss of total body weight. In addition to a good weight loss, Duromine normalizes the lipid levels. This “bonus” effect is beneficial for those obese people, who suffer from diabetes mellitus.

A low-calorie diet and regular physical activity helps people to normalize their metabolism and many other processes in the body. For instance, the blood pressure reaches normal levels and hypertensive patients feel a great relief. However, there is no proof Duromine alone can reduce the blood pressure. Doctors prescribe Duromine anti-obesity pills to patients with comorbidities, like hypertension, diabetes type 2, dyslipidemia, etc.

Because Duromine is just an appetite suppressant, its weight loss effect depends on measures patients are taking during anti-obesity therapy. Thus, if obese patients keep a hypocaloric diet and attend gym or do some home exercises, the weight loss result is much higher than that achieved with the help of pills alone. In order to keep a low-calorie diet, doctors recommend overweight people to make a personal diet plan and stick to it for the entire anti-obesity therapy. Changing eating habits might help a lot of overweight people to get their slim and healthy body they have always dreamed of.