Duromine and preparation for pregnancy

Weight loss tablets Duromine should not be taken during pregnancy. This increases the risk of complications for physical and psychological development of the fetus. In addition, women are advised to increase the intake of various macro and trace elements before, during and after pregnancy, and not to seek loosing weight.

Duromine weight loss tablets are recommended for obese women during pregnancy planning. Control over your own body is one of the most important factors for safe pregnancy and childbirth.

Obese women may have complications during pregnancy. The most severe complications can result in violations of the organs and major body systems, which increase the likelihood of abortion.

Using Duromine weight loss tablets can reduce body weight and the likelihood of such complications in pregnant women with obesity, as:

• High blood pressure, high glucose levels in urine, blood clots in blood vessels.

• Surgical intervention at birth and post-operative complications.

• Severe fetal abnormalities, abortion in early pregnancy, difficulties for abdominal scanning.

• Overweight newborn, perinatal and infant morbidity, tissue and organ damage at birth.

During pregnancy planning, obese women need to speed up metabolism and create a negative energy balance. This can be achieved by increasing physical activity and reducing caloric intake. Patients’ appetite significantly decreases, when they use Duromine. This allows keeping to low-calorie diets and not feeling the same discomfort, as before using Duromine weight loss tablets.