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    Merida medicine (sibutramine) — because of its unsafe effect on the cardiovascular system was called off the pharmaceutical market of Australia, USA, Canada and EU countries. Sibutramine was taken by overweight people and by patients with obesity by pancreatic diabetes or dyslipidemia. As for the alternative we offer you to use Duromine which is similar by its chemical compound with sibutramine medicine. In Australia Duromine is available by the physician prescription, because it stimulates the nervous system and restrains the appetite. In our on-line drugstore you can buy Duromine without a recipe.

    We will deliver you Duromine to every spot of the Australian continent by post sending system*. If you want to use Duromine in the obesity treatment, please read its optimal dosage information. The correct overweight treatment will let you to achieve the desirable result faster. *except the ordinary delivery you are offered the express delivery Duromine.

    Duromine is usually prescribed to overweight people and to people who suffer from obesity. If your Body Mass Index is more over then 30, then Duromine is exactly what you need. The active matter is phentermine that is a part of Duromine has the quality to restrain the appetite, but its major difference of the other medicine types for weight loss is in prolonged (more long lasting) effect and in extremely low price. The prolonged effect is reached through the contents of pitches in Duromine medicine, which provide slower release of the matter and its lower price – is a result of competent policy of the medicine producer. The giants of pharmacological industry invest a huge cash resources for the advancement and strict advertisement of their medicine. As a result, the costumer has to pay for all the advertisement. There are many generics of Duromine ( e.g. Adipex and lonamin), but their price is extremely different from the price of Duromine. Buying Duromine in our drugstore you can be sure about its high efficiency in obesity treatment, and selling it without recipe will help you to save your money for the visit to your physician. For the high efficiency of obesity treatment, please read the optimal dosage information and its indications that is recommended below. Indications.

    Duromine capsules are prescribed to people with Body Mass Index more than 30 for the appetite suppression. The body weight decreasing with the help of Duromine, will let you to avoid the increasing of cholesterol level in blood and the rise of arterial pressure. The presence at a patient of a diabetes is not a contra-indication to application of capsules Duromine at struggle with the excess weight.

    Capsules Duromine is also appointed to the patients with Body Mass Index less than 30, when there is a risk of appearance of complications (in a kind of cardiovascular disease and increasing the level of sugar in blood). In most cases, the weight reduction by taking Duromine capsules, is observed in first 12 weeks of application, but in hard cases (in cases of adiposity of 3-4 level), The course of treatment may be increased till 6 months. At long term application of Duromine at adiposity treatment, by the end of the therapy is observed the efficiency decrease – therefore before the next course of treatment is necessary to take a break of 3-4 weeks.

    Duromine is also recommended for the treatment of adiposity at children and older people.

    Description about medicine, methods of use and dosage.

    Duromine ® capsules – contains the active matter phentermine.

    It is applied at adiposity treatment ( 1,2,3,4-degrees) at children of adults and older people. The combination of phentermine with pitch slows down the releasing of active matter and prolongs the therapeutic effect. In Australia Duromine is available in the form of capsules with the various content of the active matter.

    • Capsules Duromine 15 mg – of gray and green color
    • Capsules Duromine 30 mg – of gray and red-brown color.

    Duromine capsules are available in the packing of 90/120/180 tablets. Please, pay attention on that buying Duromine in a big packing the cost of the treatment course considerably decreases. Taking capsules Duromine is recommended in the morning before a breakfast, or in 2 hours after a breakfast. In 1 and 2 degree of adiposity the initial daily dose is 30 mg, and may be changed (in the bigger or smaller extend) – on clinical indications. In 3 and 4 degree of adiposity, the initial daily dose is 30 mg and may be increased on clinical indications.

    In our on-line drugstore you can buy Duromine capsules possessing high efficiency at the adiposity treatment and for the struggle of excess weight. We guarantee you the high quality of medicine because Duromine has passed all necessary clinical tests and researches. The registration of Duromine purchase is carried out on the lawful basis and you can address to our consulting department* if you wish, for the access to information of the correct registration of the delivery application. The payment for Duromine medicine you can be made by money transferring or using your credit card. Sending the medicine Duromine for appetite suppression, is produced in a day of money receipt on our account. *You may contact us 24 hours a day by phone, sending e-mail or by visiting our chart in internet.

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